感动与爱常在Touched and love in bloom



happy friday ,所以呢,学学认识中国菜,刚好讲到这一课,击鼓传花,抢椅子游戏为了让每一个人都说出来,今天所学的中国菜

After so long a day almost repeat days, today can almost things a little more than a day.Friday, every week, really fell for the number of days of the winter vacation, for the rest of the day

Get up every day, work, but also good have lovely children

Happy Friday, so, learn to know Chinese food, just when it comes to this lesson,passcards, the musical chairs game in order to let everyone speak, learn Chinese food today

下午有一个纪念的活动In the afternoon there is a memorial activities

下午的活动是纪念中文班一个小朋友的,从幼儿园开始和其他小朋友是同学的他,在那一天因为癌症去世了,学校校长,中文班小朋友和家长每年都会在这一天纪念,穿着这位小朋友的墨绿色纪念文化衫,写着full in my love ,唱着you are my sunshine ,一边听,一边掉下眼泪,这种爱是一个小孩子成长多么需要相伴的啊,因为爱,好多家长都来参加,因为爱,家长们自发捐款,为他在学校建了一条红椅子,在小朋友recess 的地方,这就让我想到了之前的一天,我们班一个小孩子说,今天是这个小朋友的生日,这种爱的教育和感染,让人整个心灵和思想都变得很纯真,大家在一个小小的走廊里,有一个小小的纪念活动,不张扬,不隆重,不做作,只有稚嫩的歌声和无声的眼泪,还有给这个小朋友在五年级的哥哥和他们的爸爸妈妈一个最鼓励的拥抱。Afternoon activities is a friend of mark in Chinese class, from kindergarten began and the other children are classmates, he died on that day because of cancer, the school principal, Chinese class of children and parents every year on this day, in the children’s green commemorative t-shirts, write full in my love, singing you are my sunshine, you are listening to, one side off the tears, the love is how need to accompany a child grow up, because of love, a lot of parents to participate in, because of love, parents voluntary donations, for he built a red chair in the school, where the kids recess, this let me think of the day before and said a little boy in our class, today is the children’s birthday, this kind of education and infection of love, let a person all the hearts and minds become very pure, everyone in a small hallway, there is a small commemorative activities, not make public, no grand, unpretentious, but young song and silent tears, still have to give the children in grade five brothers and their mother and father of one of the most encouraging hug.


This is the highest of love, is also the most sincere emotional displays


转眼时间过的飞快,就要说再见了Time passed quickly, in an instant is about to say goodbye



Holiday came, and they entered in December, time had passed so fast, just to the United States, the sun is shining, the dancing leaves, snow all over the sky.

Really very loathe to give up, to 13 lovely child in class

看着他们一天天长大,一天天变好,更懂事,能说更多的中文,认识更多的汉字,了解更多的文化,每个星期五我都会给他们讲一个关于中国的事情,或者一个文化,一个习惯,甚至一首歌,这个星期五,老师要开会,所以我又要带早会和中文课,对于这些,每天要做什么,进行到哪一步,时间和课程的连贯性,我已经越来越娴熟了,烂熟于心,怎么样讲课能让他们最快的接受和理解,是上课中最重要的一点,我也已经开始能将在大学里学到的东西运用的比较好了,虽然不如老师们,但是经过这么久对我自己来说取得了挺大的进步。Grew up watching them day by day, day after day better, more reasonable, can speak more Chinese, know more Chinese characters, understand more culture, every Friday I told them a things about China, or a culture, a habit, even a song, this Friday, the teacher will have a meeting, so I’m going to take early meeting and Chinese lessons, for these, what to do, every day to which step, time and the continuity of the course, I have more and more skilled, well, how about the fastest lecture allows them to accept and understand, is the most important point in the class, I have begun to apply what is learned in the university is good, although not as good as the teachers, but after so long for myself has obtained quite great progress.

早上他们要做YCT的词汇,做了15分钟左右,我让他们停下,回顾一下昨天学的数学picture graph 那个小朋友做自己的survey ,他们很开心每个人都做的特别认真。完成了survey ,每天都会用一首歌的开始,大家听到歌声就安静的坐到地毯上,一般都是儿歌,今天我用一首,北京欢迎你,让大家集合,旋律很好,吐字清晰,他们还可以看到中国的首都,北京的样子,北京的建筑,现代的或是古老的,北京的小吃,街头的文化,最直观的中国人生活状态。学唱了一They want to do in the morning YCT vocabulary, made for about 15 minutes, I let them stop, review yesterday learned maths picture graph that children do their own survey, they very happy everyone do particularly serious.To complete the survey, by the start of a song, every day we hear singing quietly sit on the carpet, are generally not children’s songs, today I use a song, welcome to Beijing, let everybody up, melody is very good, clear articulation, they can also see the capital of China, Beijing, Beijing architecture, modern or ancient, Beijing snacks, on the streets of culture, the most visible state of Chinese life.Learn to sing a small segment

还放了EF Beijing Live the language ,这是一个外国人在北京看到的一些事情,几分钟的视频。会有一些词汇,我们早上认识了这些词汇,满满的成就感,很满足。Also put EF Beijing Live the language, this is a foreigner to see some of the things in Beijing, a few minutes of video.There will be some words, we know these words and phrases in the morning, full of a sense of achievement, very satisfied.

中文课,我带他们回顾了,手影游戏和游戏场的课文,生字。之后我把他们分成四个小组,team work 的去完成挑战,就是要把拼音和汉字对应好,还要读出来,他们玩的很开心同样也学的很深刻。然后做了e-chinese 的题。时间过的太快,老师回来了,到了数学时间,就要做数学啦Chinese class, I take them reviewed, hand shadow play and playground of the text, new words.After I put them into four groups, team work to complete the challenge, is to put the pinyin and Chinese characters corresponding to the good, and read it out, they play of very happy also learn very deep.And then do the e – Chinese.Time is too fast, the teacher came back, it was time for math, to do the math.

这一周在家教时候,我也同样用这个方式,让家教家的两个女孩准确的认识汉字,一边学一边玩,是能集中孩子学习注意力的一个好办法,不过,要把握好度。This week when a tutor, I also use this way, let the home tutor two girls accurate understanding Chinese characters, while learning to play, is to concentrate their children to study a good idea, however, want to hold good degrees.

很开心和她们一家度过的周末时光,想让他们体验一下中国食物,给他们做了一点中国传统的食物,豆腐,馄饨和鸡蛋饼,她们很喜欢,我真的好开心在美国,在圣克劳德的日子,不想这么快的回去Very happy and they spent a weekend time, want to let them experience the Chinese food, gave them a little Chinese traditional food, bean curd, wonton and egg cake, they like very much, I really very happy in the United States, in the days of st. cloud don’t want to go back so fast


See I do Chinese food, do you have any mouth water?

感恩21年所有人和事的相伴,趁着假期去了拉斯维加斯,去看看不一样的美国Gratitude for 21 years all the persons and things that accompany, took advantage of the holiday went to Las Vegas, see not the same as the United States

出门了,啦啦啦,出门遇小雪,但是心情很美丽一路顺利,四个小时的飞机,落地,打uber,确实美国uber比较便宜呀,毕竟人多一平均比公交车还要方便便宜呢。到了酒店,出门吃了牛肉面,转了拉斯维加斯大道,繁华灯红酒绿Out, la la la, go out to meet a dusting of snow, but the mood is very beautiful smooth all the way, four hours of flight, landing, uber, does the uber cheaper ah, after all, average people more convenient and cheaper than a bus.In the hotel, go out to eat beef noodles, turned on the Las Vegas strip, bustling feasting







🌟🌟🌟拉斯维加斯时间 一点十五分出来门口大巴🚌集合。shuttle bus 每5-10分钟一趟,景点不会返回来,单行线。









The first day the natural landscape, the grand canyon

To set the hotel at six Tours will to meet people, various famous hotel in our hotel to get something to eat, eat, sat in the car seat, to truly take a look at this early morning through the city, the light from 5:50 to 6 PM just ten minutes, day from the night lights faded dimly in the morning, as if a woman make-up, wipe lipstick, take off your dress, wake up in the morning of the pure and true, no distance.

start ❤ ️

set outTwo and a half hour drive one way

The first scenic spot,

the farmSecond, glass plank road,

the eagle rockThe third stop

bat rock, lunch🌟🌟🌟

Las Vegas time out at 1:15 gather at the gate of the bus.Shuttle bus every 5 to 10 minutes and attractions will not return to, one-way street.

Four hours playing in the parkCome back and stop the hoover damBack in the evening, before seven o ‘clock.

Passing through a small city, in the place, the place where the national gambling legalization, the super good place public security, the place but gambling is illegal, because it is said that here there are a lot of construction workers, casino, unsafe unfair schilling dion, nicolas cage here have a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.

Blue lake, bat will see.

Came to the grand canyon, a natural spectacular not false, out of the car to line up with leap the grand canyon, down to the bottom, cruise, and then fly on the sky, leap the grand canyon, there is no barrier, the natural landscape, as long as you are bold enough, are you sure you can get special scenery and the photos, god gives, also good protection, almost no waste, protect well and marveling at how can peel the canyon so flat, and there is no wind, but also almost nothing grows.Thin poor pine coniferous forest, the indians living area, along the overprudent, bustling city, comparative and intense, like go to two of the world.

The hoover dam, on the black rock valleyPass by lake mead, blue water, there is no lake mead and the hoover dam, there is no this desert oasis




The second day of the visit the natural landscape, the antelope valley, horseshoe bay

Sleep sleep sleep all the way, five hours, came to the valley of antelopeBump

dropping to the antelope valley, queuing, very breathtaking also very surprise, marveling at how water can put everything here washed so chic, I do not know why, and how do people find here?Deep, steep below, one at a time can a person through, fine sand and slippery, but they may fall, scour, tangerine, winding strange, if not found, no one knows in a dry dry dry desert below will still lurks a secret so much.The secrets of nature and it’s too much



The horseshoe bay

Because less rainfall, horseshoe bay don’t have much water now, but is very beautiful, blue clear beautiful scene, the high is very beautiful, this is the place where the Colorado lake turn a turn, so formed the horseshoe-shaped, therefore the horseshoe bay, people in high places, accidentally will slip, really good people bored, go to the edge of a cliff, looking down, a lot of photography enthusiasts, drive will come here, take the equipment, to take pictures.Nature gives everything, strong, beautiful, clear and beautiful.


Go a circle, time more than half, enjoy, who don’t live up to what can bring you everything, be ourselves, of others.Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving nature, grateful parents, Thanksgiving teacher, friend, gratitude, gratitude.My gratitude for this opportunity

荣幸至极,感谢孔院Pleasure, thanks to the Confucius institute

一点零五分,洪磊和圣克劳德市长,大学校长一同进入会堂洪磊,与我们这一次,每一个人都握手,右手,不洗了。真的好激动可以见到国家外交部发言人,看着他在台上不忙不乱的回答大家的问题和探讨教育,很有深度,很深刻。学到了很多,太感谢Kathy 和孔子学院了,不然我们怎么会有机会见到洪磊,还可以亲切的交谈。






晚上,和洪磊,Kathy ,周院长,还有孔子学院老师们大家一起吃饭,亲切的聊天,工作的生活的,像一家人一样,好久没有这种感觉了,希望我们今天小小的表演能给大家带来一些惊喜,更希望能在这条路上越走越远,把工作做到最好。还要到了洪磊的签名,真的太幸福了。

One point zero five points, hong lei and mayor of st. cloud, the President of the university together into the synagogue, hong lei, this time with us, every one hand, right hand, and not washing.Really excited to see the country’s foreign ministry spokesman, looked at him on stage were not busy not to answer your questions and discussion on education, very deep, very deep.Learned a lot, too thank Kathy and Confucius institute, otherwise how could we have the chance to meet Mr. Hong, can also be a cordial conversation.

More than 3 p.m.

Hong lei, gave us a lecture, china-us relations, we spread effect, folk diplomat.Very kind of binhai college said their studiesSay our Confucius institute classes, set up successfully in the United States.The construction of the country’s social welfare, environmental protection, education, and economic.Loyal to the country’s loyal to the government, believe the state party.Learn homecoming, construction of country.New Year’s day when there will be a group, can catch up.

In the evening, and Mr. Hong, Kathy, zhou, and Confucius institute teachers together to have a meal, friendly chat, work life, like family, haven’t this feeling for a long time, hope we can bring you some small today show surprise, more hope on this road more walk more far, do the work best.Even in hong lei’s signature, really too happiness.



感恩十一月Thanksgiving in November

最近的工作好像特别的忙,科学着手结束了翻译和讲课,又迎来了美国大选,所以学校针对美国大选有着学校自己的投票让学生们去体验,就是投选出学校mustang slip 的名字,最后全校师生投票,名字叫blue,中文名字,蓝蓝。挺好听的名字,又让学生赶着成年人的选举总统,自己也可以参与选举在学校,同时,班级里正在讲授的 政府与选举,给小朋友们讲了要到多大年纪时候才可以参与选总统,总统几年一选举,选举后的总统可以连任几年,什么是候选人,什么是初选,什么是共和党,民主党?说实话,其实这些我也不是可以了解的很清楚,不过在这里可以和小朋友们一起听,一起互动,一起参与选举,这种把学习马上付诸实践的学习真的是再有效不过了,同时让小孩子们可以真真切切的了解到责任和与国家的关系,真的不得不承认,这一点在中国确实做的有一些薄弱。Recent work as a special favor, science to the end of the translation and lectures, ushered in the U.S. presidential election, so the school vote against the United States have their own school let the students to experience, is to choose the school mustang slip name, all the teachers and students in the end, the voters, name is blue, the Chinese name of the light light blue. Name is quite good to hear, and make students electing a President with adults, oneself also can participate in the election in school, at the same time, the class is taught in the government and the election, told the children to how old can participate in the vote for President, the President a election years, after the election of a few years can be re-elected President, what is a candidate, what is primary and what is the republican and Democratic Party? To tell the truth, in fact, these I also can not understand clearly, together with children but here you can listen to, interact with, participate in the election, the turn learning into practice immediately study is really an effective true at the same time let the little children can understand the responsibilities and relations with countries, really had to admit, it really do have some weak in China.


This month is the leading role of the election, but this month, the theme of the school is gratitude, because this month have Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving side pay and company, everywhere can see the class of children at the gate of Thanksgiving CARDS and library tree great gratitude. On November 11, Minnesota invited veterans and was once a soldier’s parents, thank them for the contribution to the country, the children sing the song, WavinFlag. Really let the teachers present all tears, true feelings show, young children but sincere voice, the child is really -aided angel in the world, brings joy and moved.

近期二年级的工作,要完成中文班的running record英语测试,中文200字测试,intervation 的一对一辅导,还有要开始的study buddy,暂时设计的相关内容有和小朋友踢毽子,做中文游戏,一些中国小朋友会做的游戏,高年级帮助低年级,一起读书写字,大家看一些关于中国文化的视频,做一些中国剪纸,带小朋友学功夫。

Recent work in grade two, to complete the Chinese lessons of running record English test, test, 200 words in Chinese intervation one-on-one tutoring, and began to study buddy, temporary design related content and kids kicking shuttlecock, do Chinese games, will do some Chinese children, the older help, to read and write, you see some video about the Chinese culture, do some Chinese paper-cutting, take the children to learn kung fu.

越学习越觉得自己知道的,懂得的太少,要学习的还很多,努力工作学到更多,眼界开阔了才知道要充实自己的还更多。To learn more and more think you know, know too little, also a lot to learn, work hard to learn more, eyes open to know still more to enrich himself.







不同我看到的随性温馨的家庭,没有很多的摆件但是恰到好处的严谨,看出来这个家庭应该有时还比较严肃,大人们在小吧台周边坐,喝的是bloody maryy以前喝过,不知道是什么味道,她们却真的很喜欢,男人女人,休闲的坐着,说话。我说很冷,问我喝什么,水?咖啡?还是热巧克力?当然,我会选热巧克力,不喜欢喝咖啡,冲泡好了,抱在手里暖暖的,有一搭没一搭的聊着,听着半懂不解的夹生话。 孩子们进来,休息了一会,喝了热巧克力。

The day before Halloween

Because there was a little girl’s second grade sister not to continue learning Chinese school, so she wants to go on studying Chinese, CoCo ask who want to go, but free of charge, over the weekend, I think I don’t have a thing, and related with my profession, I went to sign up.

This day’s appointment in the afternoon to pick me up, a tutor took me to her parents’ house, because of her father’s birthday, so, may be the student’s grandpa. Go in, the family, was not particularly well, can’t remember English name, the whole people are joyful, don’t know what’s going on, sitting on the sofa, holding a glass of water, of course, or on the ice, ice. Grandpa special lovely students, speak face will be red, to make their youngest child, tentative, explore, sitting back, one thing is most like, has been invited me to eat, eat a little, eat a little, eat a little bit grandpa was very happy. Like my grandpa, I really eyes wet, want to cry. Very homesick, also good students are not very like my grandma, grandma or two is like, I will really cry on the spot. Meal, eat the cake, gifts, will be their home, we didn’t stay, because they want to go home and I am learning Chinese. Really sorry ha ha ha
Halfway, will pass by students of my friend’s house, her friend saw our car pass by their house door, hurriedly call, let us in the past, reached the door, they carved pumpkins outside tomorrow is Halloween, children, adults, get together, the feeling is very good, the atmosphere is very thick, outside the living wood fire, running dogs, the chat while I help adults, children make pumpkin, but don’t know where to go

The boy playing football on the ground, finished, set, we play games in the outside, so cold I went in. I see different along with the gender of the warmth of family, don’t have a lot of place but the right is rigorous, should see the family sometimes serious, the adults around in a small bar to sit, drink is bloody maryy drink before, don’t know what is the taste, but they really like, men and women, casual sit, talk. What I said is very cold, ask me to drink, water? Coffee? Or hot chocolate? Of course, I will choose hot chocolate, don’t like to drink coffee, brewing, holding in his hand a warm, one build what did not build chatting, listening to half understand don’t understand of raw. The children to come in, rest for a while, drank the hot chocolate. We have to go home to learn Chinese. Go three a day, different ages, different feeling, different preferences, different experiences, can have a such experience, really feels so good


Halloween night

the teachers and us went to our grade three students, feiyichen‘s home, their home is super good, we in near her home with the children to sugar, toasted marshmallows together, really completely felt the festival culture in the United States, go out and learn more, get more, feel more, too happy or too thanks to have such a chance.


芝加哥,美国第三大城市,风城,相当于国内天津的城市等级。Chicago, America’s third largest city, windy city, is equivalent to the domestic level in tianjin city.

我们入住了一家hotel🏨,晚餐我们吃到了独特的芝加哥厚披萨🍕,满足满足。好开心这次旅行。和她们在一起,感受美国家庭。Thursday, October 20    🚗Set out at eight o ‘clock, all the way to stop several times.At five o ‘clock in the evening, arrived in Chicago, entrance wall for 20 minutes or so, queue item into the city, once thought not traffic jam in the United States, now I can’t help but wrong.In the windy city is not unfounded, the car is really feeling.Buildings, traffic jam, a large population.we lived in a hotel .We eat dinner to the unique Chicago thick pizza.So happy this trip.And they together, feel the American family.img_1160

坐shuttle 出发,来到地铁站,🚉买了一天的地铁卡。10刀从我们上车地方坐蓝色线到jsckson,然后坐红线到chinatown ,城市大了,真的看起来都一样,一样多的人,打扮的精致的,流浪汉,上班族,出行的人,旅客,在一辆地铁上,咖啡,报纸,公文包,手机并飞。哪哪都是人,站着的,坐下的,看着地铁飞驰的窗外,我感觉我像是在北京。

10 dollars from we get in the car seat blue line to jsckson, then take a red line to Chinatown, in big cities, really all look the same, many people, dress delicate, tramp, office worker, travel, passengers, on a subway, coffee, newspaper, briefcase, mobile phone and fly.Which is what people, standing, sitting, looking at the subway go flying out of the window, I feel like I’m in Beijing.In China town, don’t know how to describe it here, in the 80 s in Hong Kong?Should is like this, a lot of old buildings and shops and people there speak cantonese, cantonese and English is the common language here, traditional Chinese characters and English words is a sign of here.I think I like here in Hong Kong, I don’t know what impression of China is in a foreign country, but I know that if through the small window to understand Chinese, I’m sure I won’t go to, also don’t want to.But today’s rapid development in China, I hope you can go and seeimg_1161img_1170我们中午吃到了中国菜,好开心他们都很喜欢

We at noon to eat the Chinese food, very happy pleased all of them.IMG_1171.JPGimg_1162


To visit the church elementary school.Teaching conditions as Madison, but no matter where we are seeing a lot of children in a positive learning Chinese, I well will be more efforts, because can’t have children face, only the back of the children, but you can see them carefully oh, and our students with their learning good images of earnestimg_1163

我们坐红线,到lake下车,我们一路步行,特别的美,进了这里才发现我们是进了大都市的感觉,好不容易从唐人街破败景象中把自己拉回来,看到了马里纳城大厦,走过了密歇根桥,看到了我们一直想坐的water taxi 来回八刀,一趟四刀,众所周知旅游景点收费才这么低。一路走走停停的拍照,走到了海军码头,到那里刚好是晚上,夜景不要太漂亮了,高楼上的灯光和川流的车灯辉映一起倒映在密歇根湖中,海军码头的 音乐旋转木马🎵,我们坐了摩天轮,15刀一人,三圈,俯瞰夜景,听高空尖叫。晚上打了优步,哈哈美帝第二次打车就在大城市,很远的路16刀,一人也没有多少钱,感觉很舒服也很快。我们凑到一起去吃了韩餐,超级可爱的店主爷爷奶奶,赠送了好多米饭🍚小菜,让我们这些能省就省的人,开心的不要不要的,回了酒店洗洗睡觉,明天一天的free day行程。开心去领略芝加哥的美

On the today and tomorrowLet’s take the red line and get off at the lake, we walked all the way, special beautiful, came into the here only to find that we are into the feeling of metropolis, very not easy to pull themselves back from Chinatown squalor, and saw the Mali city building, past the bridge of Michigan, see we always want to take the water taxi back and forth eight , a trip to the four knives, well-known tourist attractions fee is so low.Evening playing Uber, ha ha a taxi the second American imperialists in big cities, far 16 knife, a person also don’t have much money, feel comfortable and fast.Happy to enjoy the beauty of Chicago

海军码头湖畔Navy pier lakeimg_1166

马里纳城水边Mali city waterimg_1164img_1168

willis tower很高呀img_1165


Met tiya gallery   美术馆遇到了tiya姐姐  img_1169


Every day what all depend on oneself, can have a surprise!